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The Well

Dad was an amazing guy.  He did a lot of great things in his life.  He didn't help people for the glory or the attention.  He helped other people because it was the right thing to do and he didn't make a big deal out of it.  Some of the things he has done we knew about and others we didn't.  The well, or Dad's Well as I have started calling it, is one of those things we didn't know about it.  Mom knew about it but didn't realize fully what is was or what the end result was.  I only learned about it after having lunch with a really good friend of Dad's named Pete. 

Pete invited me to lunch the next time I was in Lafayette, LA because he wanted to share with me "something" he and Dad had worked on.  Of course I had no idea of what it could be.  One day, we went to lunch and Pete handed me a folder and explained that he and Dad had a well built together.  It seems that there is an organization called Living Water International that "exists to demonstrate the love of God by providing desperately needed clean water and medical attention, along with the "living water" of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which alone satisfies the deepest thirst".  They provide clean water and spread the Word of God to people who may never have received either.  Living Water contacts the government officials of the country and explain that they will build a well to provide clean water but they will also spread the Word of God while they are there.  The well is open to all to use.  In a lot of cases the wells are placed in areas where Christianity may never have been allowed.

Pete told Dad about Living Water and together they paid to have a well built in India in honor of their families.  It is a great mission and a great testament to the love of God.  The well is something that will remain always long after most of us are gone.  It has a plaque on it with the names of the families and each time people drink from the well, they pray for the families on the plaque.  It is testimony of Pete and Dad's life that will remain for a very long time providing clean water and proof of God's of love for many, many people.  I hope to continue with this mission. 

The plaque reads: 

This borewell is donated to people of India
in order to demonstrate the
love of Jesus Christ
A cup of water in Jesus name by
The Prados and Marsalis family
Living Water International
India                              28/04

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DAD'S WELL UPDATE (aka Dad's 2nd Well)

I was able to continue this mission Dad was involved in by doing another well with Living Water International and plan to do more.

This was a repair of a broken well and pump that serves 1,000 people in Babous Centre in the Central African Republic.

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