Carl Marsalis
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Tribute Video

I made a tribute video about Dad's life for his services using pictures from over the years of Dad, family and friends.  It is 17 minutes 35 seconds long.  Hey, there was a lot to cover!  The video contained music as well.  The songs that played while the video ran were:  "Sweet Sweet Spirit", "How Great Thou Art", "O Happy Day", "Delta Dawn", and "Softly And Tenderly".

Note:  Some folks may wonder about Delta Dawn.  My dad couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.  Awful singer and we never let him sing.  Each time he had the chance he would say "Oh, you want me to sing?" and belt out Delta Dawn.  Long running joke.  He even sung it during the last couple of weeks in bed.

The video is huge.  Figured it is much easier to just post the photos here instead of the actual video.  Feel free to sing the songs while looking at the photos!  :-)

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Childhood Dad
Teen Years Fishing
Mom and Dad Fun
Their Kids Golf
Grandkids Sleeping
Family Travel
Air Force Astrodome
ARA Various photos of dad